Running Partner!

Neighboring has brought surprising gifts into my life.

Before Christmas we hosted a cookie party at our house and invited neighbors to come and visit. One of my neighbors had just recently adopted a dog from the shelter. The dog is a beautiful German Shepherd named Jessie. But at the cookie party we learned that Jessie has one (and only one) character flaw, which is that she likes to get out and run! At this news my ears perked up because I try to jog regularly and I enjoy dogs, so it seemed like it could be a win-win-win (for me, my neighbor and Jessie).

I’ve now taken Jessie jogging with me about half a dozen times and I have to say it is often the highlight of my day. She runs beautifully, loves meeting people, and listens well. Jessie also seems to enjoy the run, although I’m sure she would be happier if I could run faster!

Before I invested time and energy in meeting neighbors and hanging out I never would have known about an opportunity like this. Now, because of neighboring, my life is better. What gifts might your neighbors bring into your life?