52 Weeks of Neighboring - Week 2

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Neighboring Tip of the Week - Double your favorite recipe and share extra with a neighbor.

Welcome to our second week of neighboring tips for this third chapter of 52 Weeks of Neighboring! As we continue, we want to reiterate what we clarified last year at this time…

We want you to know those of us at Neighboring Movement do not have all the answers and that every neighborhood is different. As you walk this journey of neighboring with us, we want you to think of these “tips” as experiments. Some of them may work, some of them may not. Some may need a little tweaking for your specific situation. We can’t wait to hear the stories behind your experiments, no matter how they go.

This week's tip is a super simple way to neighbor. It's also a great way to "break the ice" with a neighbor you've never met before, because who can turn down free, home-cooked food? Not me.

There's something really beautiful about sharing out of our own abundance. In the simple act of sharing food, we can start a conversation, get to know a neighbor, and make a friend.

Here are some practical tips to remember when you neighbor this week:

  • Sharing food is a nice way to meet a new neighbor because it's pretty non-invasive.

  • Worried about how your neighbor may react? Just explain to them that you made extra and wanted to share. You can also tell them you won't be offended if they don't like it. 

  • If your recipe includes foods that are common allergens (like nuts), make sure to mention that. An allergic reaction would not be good for your neighboring endeavor.

  • Of course, there are other possible dietary restrictions. If your neighbor can't eat what you brought, just make a mental note of this, and fix something they can eat in the future. 

Be prepared for any type of reaction, but don't let the fear of rejection keep you from reaching out with your yummy gift in hand!

Happy neighboring!