52 Weeks of Neighboring - Week 4

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Neighboring Tip of the Week - Take your dog for a walk, or ask a neighbor who walks one about their dog.

Welcome to 52 Weeks of Neighboring, canine edition! Our furry friends make great conversation starters, so they’re perfect for neighboring!

Have a dog? Take your pup out for a nice, easy walk! Perhaps before doing so, set an intention to make yourself as present as possible to the neighborhood around you. Of course, this may look different for each person. One idea is to take time to focus on one or more of your senses throughout the walk. No matter how this may look for you, do your best to make yourself as present as possible to both your neighborhood and your neighbors.

Hopefully, as the temperature begins to warm up, folks will be spending more time outside. Make an effort to strike up a conversation with those you come in contact with. Keep in mind that some of your neighbors may have had bad pet experiences, so do your best to be cautious if someone seems especially wary of dogs. Another idea is this: if you know of a neighbor who regularly walks their dog, consider inviting them to walk with you!

Don’t have a dog? Don’t fret! This tip is for you, too. Have you noticed a neighbor who regularly walks their dog? If so, perhaps you can make time to ask them about their furry friend! Pets are great companions for many, and people often love to talk about them. If you have gotten to know a neighbor by doing this, consider picking up a small bag of dog treats, and the next time your neighbor is on a walk, ask if you can give some to their dog. If you do so, you may build a friendship with both your neighbor and their dog!

This tip is also featured on the most recent episode of our podcast, “The Neighbor Next Door”. If you would like to gather more ideas or listen to us tell stories about our experiences with this tip, give this episode a listen on either iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, or Google Play!

Happy neighboring!