Yesterday the weather in Wichita was crazy beautiful. Around 4pm, I decided that I was not going to miss the opportunity to go on a bicycle ride. So, I called up my friend who lives on the other side of the neighborhood, and he immediately agreed to join me on the ride. I hopped onto my bicycle to head over to his house and was enjoying the sweet bliss of the cool wind blowing until… the train lights began to flash and the horn began to blast.

Stuck. Waiting on a train, when I could be riding my bicycle!


I sat there agitated and annoyed. “Why in the heck does there always have to be a train?” I groaned inside my head.

Five minutes later, I was still stewing over this train, when I heard a voice come from the truck parked next to me. “Hey, want some jellybeans?”

I wheeled my head to the left, and a woman was holding a bag of jellybeans out of her truck window. To be clear, I am usually not one to take jellybeans from a complete stranger, but this lady seemed alright.

I stuck out my hand and said, “Sure, why not.” Next thing I knew I had close to twenty jellybeans in my hands. I took a bite and I was back in my childhood; memories flooded into my head of birthday parties, Easter egg hunts, and energy bursting sugar highs.

”Thanks, I appreciate it,” I said. The woman smiled, looked over to her mother, and said, “Well, my mama always taught me to share.” They both chuckled together. I also started to laugh.

”Maybe trains aren’t always as bad as I make them out to be,” I thought.


Five minutes later I was back on the road and in much better spirits, thanks to some good neighboring. Never underestimate the power of candy and humor in a situation that can be kind of a drag. Generosity can be contagious and can bring joy in unexpected places.