52 Weeks of Neighboring - Week 10

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Neighboring Tip of the Week - Make an intentional space on your calendar to be present with your neighbors.

Happy Easter, neighbors near and far!

With neighboring, we sometimes have to learn to be instead of learn to do. In light of this, for this week’s tip, we propose that you simply be present with your neighbors and make an intentional space on your calendar to do so.

Being present with our neighbors first involves making an intentional choice to be in the same physical space as our neighbors. This may look like engaging in an activity in your front yard or driveway, going on a walk or bike ride in your neighborhood, or any other activity that puts you in close physical proximity to your neighbors. Then, after making this intentional choice of physical proximity, being present with our neighbors can manifest itself in a multitude of different ways. Our neighbors may be seeking a conversation, a cup of coffee, a ride somewhere, a friendly face, or maybe all of these! But again, here’s the catch: being present with our neighbors doesn’t just naturally occur; we have to be intentional about it. This intentionally may not only involve a choice in our minds but also a space on our calendars. This space helps to remind us of both the choice we have made to be present with our neighbors and the opportunity we have to do so throughout our normal daily activities. We realize that many people have busy schedules, so instead of attempting to squeeze time in to your current schedule, you may have to say no to some other activity. However this may look for you, we encourage you to make an intentional space on your calendar to be present with your neighbors and then to do so!

Happy neighboring!