from Intern #5 to Vista #1...

Greetings friends!

As some of you may have already heard or seen, my job at the Neighboring Movement has seen quite a change in the last week. I feel the best way to summarize this change is this:

In but an instant, I went from Intern #5 to Vista #1!

Last Monday, I took the oath to become an AmeriCorps VISTA. Here is a dorky picture Adam took of me doing so…


In short, AmeriCorps is a network of national service programs and the parent network of the VISTA program. VISTA stands for Volunteers in Service to America, and VISTAs live and work in areas that struggle with poverty, helping organizations that work to eradicate poverty build capacity, become more sustainable, and empower their communities.

As my VISTA assignment, I have been given the most unbelievable opportunity to continue working at the Neighboring Movement and expand the ways in which I do so. I am now working here full time and helping to connect neighbors, map assets, edit our podcast, “The Neighbor Next Door”, and manage the Garden Box Network.

Along with these changes to my job, I AM ALSO MOVING INTO SOCE AT THE END OF MAY!!!!! (Can you possibly sense my excitement?)

I really do not have any words for such beautiful things.

All I can say is that I am so beyond honored to be partnering with the larger movement in this way, to get to live in this beautiful neighborhood which I adore, and to continue working with these people whom I deeply love.