The Official Neighboring Mascot...

Yesterday, as we were working at the office, a question came to us:

If neighboring had a mascot, what would that mascot be?

And faster than a greyhound, the answer came to us…DOGS!!!!!


We think dogs are the official mascots of neighboring for a variety of reasons. For one, they are perfect conversation starters! A neighbor who lives close to our office just recently adopted two puppies, and a couple days ago, we were able to have a conversation with the neighbor about her health. But, how did the conversation start? With the puppies! Dogs also often exemplify a few different markers of a good neighbor; they are often wanting to make friends and pursue relationship, they are often quite present within their neighborhoods, and they also are often willing to approach neighbors whom they may not yet know very well.

Dogs also came up a lot in the first season of our podcast, “The Neighbor Next Door”. If you are a dog lover and want to hear more about the impact dogs can have on neighboring, or you want to learn more about different practices of neighboring, tune in to Season 1!

You can find the “The Neighbor Next Door” on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Play.

And again, don’t forget to stay in the loop for Season 2! A trailer fast approaches…