52 Weeks of Neighboring - Week 13

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Neighboring Tip of the Week - Form a dinner group and eat at a local restaurant.

Greetings neighbors, near and far!

Do you remember the tip from a couple months ago where we encouraged you to support a local business that is something other than a restaurant? Well, now you know why! Restaurant eaters, have no fear, Week 13 is here! For this Week 13, we propose to form a dinner group and eat at a local restaurant.

This fun idea was inspired by some of our friends who formed a dinner group that eats at a different local restaurant every month. Aside from being an idea that includes a diversity of yummy foods, this tip is accompanied by a multitude of different benefits.

One major benefit is that this tip is good for your local economy. Locally owned businesses, including restaurants, tend to keep more money in your community. What’s not to love about that? But even more so, forming a dinner group and eating at a local restaurant has countless social benefits. Doing so not only allows you to become more connected with the people you are eating with but also allows you to become more connected with the people putting the food on your group’s table! Each one of the restaurant’s staff is just as much a part of your community as your next door neighbor is, and each one is probably longing for the same social connection, too. Furthermore, the restaurant as a whole is probably longing to be connected with your community, and you are the perfect catalyst to help do so!

So, when you eat local, seek to learn the story behind the restaurant. Is it family owned? Did the owner have the dream of starting a restaurant? Are there other ways they are connected with the community? Our experience is that as we learn people's stories, it is easier to connect them with other things happening in the community, it is easier to promote their restaurant (because people are compelled by stories), and it often fosters our own love for our community. With all of those benefits, how can we not eat local?

Happy neighboring!