52 Weeks of Neighboring - Week 17

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Neighboring Tip of the Week - Reacquaint yourself with an old acquaintance. 

In the original posting of this blog, we accidentally "corrected" the spelling of neighbour to neighbor. Our apologies to our guest blogger. We have since corrected our error to the more correct spelling. ;-)

Is there a neighbor you have talked to in the past but eventually lost touch with? This week, our guest blogger invites you to re-introduce yourself to this neighbor. 

We love learning from other folks, and this week’s tip is from a good neighbor who lives north of Wichita and was willing to write a guest tip for us. Enjoy!

Like many of you, I read and have been inspired by SoCe's 52 weeks of Neighbouring tips. So here's a tip of my own "Reacquaint yourself with an old acquaintance." 

This is my story: two weeks ago my husband was working in the yard and saw two princesses heading into the house just two doors down, and he remembered that they have a little girl around the same age as our daughter and he thought to himself "why aren't they friends?" Clearly the girls have some things in common, such as a love of tulle and fancy dresses and Disney Princesses! I made up a few excuses, like she's a working mom and I am a stay at home mom so our schedules don't match, and then I stopped myself and asked "Why AREN'T our daughters friends...?" I set myself a goal of reaching out to those neighbours within the next two weeks. As fate would have it, the following weekend I was out for a walk with my kids and the neighbour was out cleaning her car, so I stopped and re-introduced myself and my children and we chatted for a few minutes and arranged to meet up the following day for a backyard play date. We did get together the following afternoon and had a nice afternoon chatting on the deck while the kids played in the yard.  

But the tip was to RE-acquaint yourself with a neighbour and that is because about 4 years ago my daughter was learning to walk and toddling on the grass in our front yard when my neighbour walked by with her 2 month old in a stroller. Both girls were wearing the same little summer dress! (a great conversation starter). She stopped and we talked for a few minutes. So our girls are about a year apart-but that doesn't mean they can't be friends (even if it took 4 years to get re-acquainted) and we should embrace getting to know our neighbours! 

Happy neighboring! uh...neighbouring!!