52 Weeks of Neighboring - Week 26

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Neighboring Tip of the Week - As we reach the half-way point, reflect on the neighboring experiments you’ve tried during the last six months. Journal your thoughts or share them in a conversation with a friend.

The point of reflecting is that if we only do something once and never think about it again, it is less likely to stick. By reflecting on our neighboring experiences we not only have a better chance of doing them again but also we have a chance to explore why some of them failed. 

Step 1: Look back over the neighboring tips:

  1. Double your favorite recipe and share extra with a neighbor.

  2. Send a thank you card to your City Councilperson.

  3. Take your dog for a walk or ask a neighbor who walks about their dog.

  4. Ask a neighbor to help you with a spring project. 

  5. Slow down and notice something new in your neighborhood each day. 

  6. Support a local business that is something other than a restaurant (don't worry, we'll focus on restaurants another time).

  7. Borrow something (ex. a tool or a cake pan) from a neighbor.

  8. Plant a garden in the FRONT yard.

  9. Take a walk in your neighborhood and collect trash.

  10. Make an intentional space on your calendar to be present to your neighbors.

  11. Celebrate a random holiday with your neighbors.

  12. Send a thank-you card to the neighbor you borrowed something from last month.

  13. Form a dinner group and eat at a local restaurant.

  14. Have a spring block party.

  15. Develop your own love for your neighborhood by writing down 3 things each day that you like about your neighborhood.

  16. Take a walk in your neighborhood and collect trash.

  17. Get reacquainted with a neighbor you've lost touch with. 

  18. Share produce or flowers from your garden, or ask a neighbor to share with you.

  19. Bake cookies and deliver them to your local police station.

  20. Host Flamingo Friday on your block or in your apartment complex.

  21. Be mindful of your own emergency preparedness and how this relates to your neighbors.

  22. Pay attention for negative talk or gossip amongst neighbors, and seek ways to offer positive stories about neighbors or your neighborhood to redirect the conversation. 

  23. Work on an outside project, like washing your car, and allow time to have a conversation with a neighbor or someone walking by.

  24. Utilize public spaces: visit a park, walk or ride your bike on a trail, visit your public library or community center.

  25. Cook a recipe for which you are missing an ingredient and ask a neighbor for the missing item.

 Step Two: Reflect

  • What neighboring experiment was your favorite and why?

  • As you look over the list, are there 1 or 2 tips that would be beneficial to do again or experiment with now that you may be more comfortable with your neighbors?

Happy reflecting!