Neighbouring breeds Neighbouring


Hello all!

We just want to share this beautiful story one of our friends, Roxanna, just told us….

"Last night I went to a barbeque put on by the local church and while I was there I ran into a family who lives on my street.

We ended up sitting together and when they were leaving- the mom came to let me know so we could walk home together. So I loaded up my kids in the wagon and her kids rode off on their bikes.

When we got to our street we stood chatting in her driveway as her kids rode circles around us (literally) and her husband came out to visit as well. My kids hopped out of the wagon and ran home to get their bikes. Before long two other kids joined in riding their bikes up and down the street and over the little jumps and ramps that the kids had set out. I looked a couple houses down and saw two men standing at the end of a driveway talking, and gradually they migrated down to where we were and we had quite a gathering surrounded by bikes and scooters and skateboards! Before long the chalk came out and there is now a massive mural on the sidewalk on our street!

It was getting dusky when we finally headed home, and I realized we had been playing and visiting for about an hour and half. I came inside feeling uplifted and happy and thankful for this warm summer’s eve. It’s funny how the sound of kids laughter and buzz of bike tires draws other children out to play!

So I guess the lesson here is to follow your kids lead... if you are a bit of an introvert your kids can often lead you into situations that you wouldn’t put yourself in, but end up being great experiences.

I find this at the park too, I end up chatting with other mothers and sharing stories and offering support while our kids play Dinosaur tag or Hot Lava tag!”


Happy Friday!