Let's delve into Episode 12!

Adam and Matt return to the front porch for the second segment of a two-part episode on challenges in neighboring. This week, they're discussing what seems to be one of the hardest subjects to talk about with neighbors: politics.

Do you have a neighbor with a very different political stance than you and who is very vocal about it? If so, how does this affect your conversations or interactions with the neighbor? In this episode, Adam and Matt discuss how we can foster healthy conversations with neighbors who are very outspoken about their political beliefs or whom we might disagree with politically. This is a hot topic in neighboring, and we are quite excited to have you join us on the front porch for this discussion!

In the episode, Adam references the book Conflict without Casualties by Nate Regier. If you would like to learn more about the book and Dr. Regier's work, visit https://next-element.com/conflict-without-casualties/.