We are pumped to present Episode 14!

This week, we present the second part of our interview with Rev. Mike Mather, the person who inspired us to utilize an asset-based approach in our work. We split the incredible conversation into two episodes and encourage listening to the first episode before this second one.

In the last episode, Mike outlined both his shift and his church's shift from scarcity to abundance. In this episode, Mike first presents practices that can help us stay focused on abundance before detailing how individuals, organizations, and institutions must structure themselves differently in order to be built around abundance. Next, Mike describes how he sees this movement of abundance-focused work taking shape around the country. To finish, Mike re-frames the idea of Christian discipleship and details what discipleship looks like for both him and his church.

Like Mike's first episode, this second one also contains discussion of religious topics. We want to reiterate that we do not present these episodes to promote any one religion or being religious but instead because we think they are helpful and encouraging for all neighbors, religious and non-religious alike.

We also want to take a moment to promote Mike's book, Having Nothing, Possessing Everything: Finding Abundant Communities in Unexpected Places. It is an amazing read, and we recommend it to everyone! You can find more information about the book here.

Episode 13 is now available!

Episode 13 is now available!

For Episode 13, hosts Adam and Matt interview the person who inspired us to utilize an asset-based approach in our work: Rev. Mike Mather. The conversation was amazing, so we split the interview into two episodes, and this is the first of those episodes….

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Lenexa Retreat

About two weeks ago I, Matt, and my husband spent a Saturday taking a short road trip up to Kansas City, really it was a small town just outside of Kansas City called Lawson, Missouri, but the reason we drove up to Missouri was to join a youth group from St. Paul’s UMC in Lenexa on their weekend retreat focused on...

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The Role of Faith in SoCe Life

From Matt...

As I’ve been writing these blogs and reflecting on our work in the neighborhood, I feel it is very important to clarify how our beliefs fit into our work and also how our faith impacts our friendships with others.

For me, my Christian spirituality is central to almost everything I do. Over the years it has helped me to forgive others and myself for mistakes, it has helped me accept myself with all my foibles, it has helped me grow in caring for others, and it has given me a sense of purpose. Most importantly, it has helped me to experience God’s love for me, and to realize that this gift of love is for everyone.

My Christian spirituality helps me see my neighbors and my neighborhood as beautiful and valuable people--even if the world sometimes tells us otherwise.

And here is the important catch. Our neighbors don’t have to have the same beliefs. My work with SoCe Life, and our process of doing interviews are not secretly aimed at tricking people into being Christians. Our work is not a decoy to draw people in. Because of this, we don’t have a hidden agenda of converting people to embrace our beliefs. Now, if our experiences and our beliefs are appealing and helpful to people that we get to know, we are definitely happy to talk about that, but if they aren’t interested, that is alright too. We’re just thankful to be their neighbors.