Announcing...Episode 10!

Episode 10 has arrived with our second neighboring tip of Season 2: Plant a garden in your FRONT yard!

Per usual, Vistapher joined Matt on the front porch to present the tip and talk a little more about the practice - in this case, front-yard gardening. They first discuss the importance of both visibility and availability in neighboring before talking about how front-yard gardening looks in our neighborhood. These neighboring tip episodes are simple ways to foster conversations and connections with your neighbors, so we hope you enjoy listening to them, but we also hope you experiment with one or more of the tips, too!

Garden Boxes: the next step

As you know, with the help of wonderful volunteers from inside and outside SoCe, we built and painted 6 garden boxes on March 11. Then we painted "SoCe Life" on the sides of each box. Once the painting process was complete, it was time to prepare the boxes for delivery. We lined each box with thick weed barrier fabric generously donated by...

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