Podcast: Ryan Klinck on Being the New Neighbor

You’ll recognize Ryan’s name from his posts on our blog and his work in our neighborhood. His conversation on the front porch revealed how he has been on a search to cultivate meaningful relationships with neighbors and friends in many different contexts over the years. He sat down with Adam and Matthew to discuss what he has learned from neighbors (and the rug that ties the room together).

Good Neighbor Experiment in Corsicana, Texas

A week ago, Matt and I traveled to Corsicana, TX to meet with several groups wanting to implement intentional neighboring in their community. We invited these folks into the Good Neighbor Experiment. For us it was energizing to hear the stories of the good things these groups are already doing...

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Good Neighboring Definition

As we, at the Neighboring Movement, have studied neighboring more and more, we've realized that there are many flavors of neighboring. I suspect there is a time and a place for most flavors, however, we are promoting a specific type of neighboring. To help clarify what we mean by good neighboring we've crafted this definition: 

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