52 Weeks of Neighboring - Week 27

52 Weeks of Neighboring - Week 27

Neighboring Tip of the Week - Barbeque in the front yard instead of the back yard.

This week’s neighboring experiment is an easy one. There’s nothing to add to your schedule or anything to plan. This week, all you have to do is move your grill.

Quiz time – What is the leading feature of most homes built since the 1990’s? Any guesses?...

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Welcome to Episode 9!

Welcome to Episode 9! A few episodes ago, hosts Adam and Matt discussed the topic of social capital. In this episode, they return to the front porch to revisit the concept but this time through a different metaphor: social fabric.

We received a lot of fantastic feedback on the social capital episode, but recently, we have started using the term "social fabric", and we think the different metaphor may be a helpful way to understand the concept and think about it in different ways. In this episode, Adam and Matt define social fabric before detailing how this fabric is weaved and then how we can all weave it in order to co-create tight-knit neighborhoods. Happy weaving, and happy neighboring!

Episode 8 now available!

Things are getting personal in Episode 8, as hosts Adam and Matt are joined on the front porch by Matt's mom, Glenna Wong. Glenna is both the sweetest of moms and an incredible neighbor, so while in town for a visit, we invited her to join us on the front porch for an interview. Glenna started her neighboring adventures by simply taking her pug on a walk in her neighborhood, but the connections flourished from there. Years later, the culture of her community has been changed! The interview is heartwarming and encouraging, and we think her stories display perfectly the kind of joy and transformation that neighboring brings.

Episode 7 has landed!

This week, we are delving into the relationship between neighboring and community health, as we are honored to be joined on the front porch by Kate Kingery. Kate works with County Health Rankings & Roadmaps, and she does fascinating work! Her team of researchers studies almost every county in the United States and gives each of these counties a health ranking based on a multitude of different factors. In doing so, they utilize a very broad definition of health, and their data paints an amazing picture of how health is influenced by where we live, learn, work, and play. In this episode, we explore what sort of factors are present within healthy and unhealthy communities, how Kate's team measures these factors, and how neighboring plays a vital role in healthy communities. We hope you find this episode insightful, and if you would like to learn more about Kate's work, visit https://www.countyhealthrankings.org/. Enjoy!

Episode 6!

For episode 6, hosts Adam and Matt return to the front porch in order to unpack a concept that can seem confusing but is extremely important to understand in order to help create healthy communities: social capital. The term is prevalent in the community development world, but oftentimes, it's definition is hard to find. And even with an exact definition, social capital can sometimes be hard to understand in the context of a neighborhood. In this episode, Adam and Matt tell a story that exemplifies social capital before defining the term and even playing a game that displays how the concept looks in the context of a neighborhood. Let social capital be confusing no longer, and let's start building it within our neighborhoods!

The Slow Journey of Friendship

Friday night, Catherine and I invited a few neighbors to get together to share food and a few songs. This is something Catherine and I have done once before. We keep it simple by baking a few frozen pizzas and then handing out our folk-music songbooks so everyone can sing along. In the midst of all of it there is space for people to share what is going on in life and also space to tell stories from older chapters of our lives. That night I realized…

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Podcast: Season 1 Finale! Featuring Ashley and Catherine!!

Friends! Season 1 is wrapping up and we pulled out all the stops! We invited the other co-founders of the Neighboring Movement, Ashley Barlow-Thompson and Catherine Johnson to join us on the front porch for their reflections on season 1. It was a riotous time with surprising compliments and plenty of burns! Grab a chair and join us for this conversation!

P.S. Stay tuned for season 2.


Sharing Remedies

We love hearing from folks who are neighboring where they live. We recently got an e-mail from a friend in Canada who shared this wonderful observation:

“What I love about neighbouring is you can often experience different cultures from the comfort of your own street! It's very affordable and you don't need a passport. The other day I was walking with my daughter and

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Episode 5: Judy Bennett "The Power of Being Present"

Episode 5: Judy Bennett "The Power of Being Present"

In episode 5 we talk with Judy Bennett, a Neighborhood Animator in the Hilltop Neighborhood. She got tired of staying inside watching TV and decided to take action by reaching out to her neighbors and neighborhood. The results have been life-changing.

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Introducing our PODCAST!

Hello Neighbors!

We are proud to introduce our new podcast, “The Neighbor Next Door.” This is a podcast where we interview awesome neighbors to learn from them and be inspired by them. We also share neighboring tips along with the stories behind those tips. And sometimes we play folk music!

You can subscribe to our podcast (which will be coming out weekly for the first season) through iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Play. There are other podcasts called “The Neighbor Next Door” so be sure to look for our faces as pictured below.

And be sure to spread the word!

A Neighboring Story to Warm Your Heart on Valentine's Day!

We love sharing stories of how neighboring can change lives and neighborhoods. Here is a post from a friend that beautiful illustrates what neighboring can do! 

It's been cold and gray for weeks here. No snow to speak of, but too wintry to want to be outside. I haven't seen much of my neighbors and the neighborhood has been unusually quiet. I spent some time thinking about the people on my street, especially...

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Neighboring in Calgary

Last week, I visited some neighboring friends in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They shared about their fall block party. “Do you know what the most common comment was? Many of the neighbors who came said, ‘Why haven’t we done this before? We need to do this more often!’” They are planning another block get-together for January.

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I Hear SoCe is Beautiful This time of Year - Both Inwardly & Outwardly

I sat down to write a blog about the week, thinking I didn't really have anything to share. However, as I reflected on the week, I realized that I have gotten to interact with four neighbors on my block and one SoCe office neighbor. That seems like a good week! And it's only Friday!

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