The Neighboring Movement

52 Weeks of Neighboring

11 Jul: 52 Weeks of Neighboring – Week 22

Neighboring Tip of the Week – Reflect on the neighboring experiments you’ve attempted in the last few months.
Every few months, we like to stop and reflect upon our neighboring experiments. Doing so helps us celebrate and grieve these experiences, and it also helps us move forward in a way that allows our past experiments to shape our future ones….

52 Weeks of Neighboring

04 Jul: 52 Weeks of Neighboring – Week 21

Neighboring Tip of the Week – Be mindful of your own emergency preparedness and how this relates to your neighbors.
Happy July, friends!
This week, we have been thinking about how becoming more connected with our neighbors is the gift that keeps on giving. For all of us at The Neighboring Movement, it is absolutely the most joyful of blessings to know our neighbors!…