Claire Branstetter: Neighboring with Language Barriers

A podcast episode from The Neighboring Movement's first intern, Claire Branstetter.

The Neighboring Movement Podcast



Hello friend! Thank you, as always, for joining us on the virtual front porch! Today, we are re-releasing an episode from August 18, 2020, where we had the honor of interviewing Claire Branstetter. In the episode, Claire presents practical advice on how to neighbor when language barriers are present. ¡Disfrutar!

Among so much more, Claire is an incredibly kind person with a true passion, and gift, for welcoming the stranger. Claire actually used to be one of our previous interns at The Neighboring Movement, but she now does beautiful work with a refugee resettlement organization where she companions refugees as they become integrated in our town of Wichita. We are so honored that she was willing to sit down with us and share some of her deep wisdom! Claire speaks multiple different languages and has tons of experience communicating with people who speak different languages than she does, so in today’s episode, she shares advice on how to neighbor when language barriers are present. These barriers are real, and we are so thankful for Claire’s very practical tips on how to address them!

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