This page is for participants in the Health Fund 2019 Cohort of the Good Neighbor Experiment. All the resources you need are below. Can't find what you are looking for? Email and we will be ready to help.

Neighboring Soup Taste Test

To take the Taste Test click the button below. You will get results from the test via email. It may take 30 minutes to receive the results. Participants in Lab 1 will be asked to take this Taste Test.  

Ingredients List

Click here to download the Ingredient List. It will help you interpret your Taste Test. 

Lab 1: The Ingredients to Neighboring

This lab introduces the definitions of neighboring and the three key ingredients: Abundance, Relationship, and Joy. Each week focuses on one of the ingredients and a key practice that helps cultivate that ingredient.

Download the participant guides by clicking on the week below:

Other Resources


Intro To Good Neighbor Experiment

Lab 1, Week 1.4: Relationship by Design (Ted Talk)

Lab 2: Basic Neighboring Skills

This lab has 6 practical neighboring tips that encourage participants to interact with their actual literal neighbor. This lab focuses on neighboring where you live and reflecting on what it means to be a good neighbor to the 8 front doors closest to your own.

Other Resources for Lab 2

Lab 3: Asset Mapping

This is the lab is intended to focus on the neighborhood where your church is located. The group will review the 6 asset categories of a neighborhood and create an interactive asset map for the church's neighborhood.

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Lab 4: The Re-Cycle

This lab introduces a community discernment tool called the Re-Cycle. It helps groups take the information they have learned a process for contemplation and action. This process can be used in the context of neighboring and is also great for all projects that require community decision making. 

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For Leaders

Please go to and download the zoom video chat service. We will use this platform for your peer group calls and coaching/ spiritual guidance sessions.

If you need any help with anything, have concerns, or problems please contact Matthew Johnson at or Adam Barlow-Thompson at