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There are several ways to participate in the Good Neighbor Experiment. We offer Virtual Cohorts and In-Person Cohorts. The main difference is that Virtual Cohorts have their workshops via Zoom and are with churches all over the country. In-Person Cohorts are based around a regional hub and do their workshops in-person in a central location. A schedule of upcoming cohorts and cost explanation is below.

Upcoming Cohorts

We have several cohorts starting soon. When we say online vs. in-person we are referring to the 3 workshops designed for church neighboring teams. The date listed is the date of the first workshop.


Via Zoom – January 29, 2022


Kansas City, KS – January 22, 2022
Austin, TX – January 22, 2022
Pheonix, AZ – January 29, 2022



The Neighboring Movement team leads two virtual cohorts each year. They start on the third Saturday of January or the second Saturday of August. “Virtual” means that the workshops for your neighboring team are held online. After the workshops, your team is expected to host in-person small groups at your church using the Good Neighbor Experiment Curriculum.

Cost: $1000/Church, unless other grants/funding is provided.


In-person cohorts are led in partnership with local GNE Facilitators. Your church’s neighboring team will participate with 6-12 other congregations for in-person workshops where they are trained to use the Good Neighbor Experiment in your local church. Costs for in-person cohorts vary based on how many churches participate.

6-7 Churches = $2400
8-9 Churches = $1850
10-11 Churches = $1500
12 Churches = $1200

**Churches in the Great Plains Conference of the United Methodist Church can participate in cohorts for free when applying in partnership with the United Methodist Health Ministry Fund. You can indicate this when you register.

Ways To Reduce Cost

If cost is an obstacle for your congregation consider one of these ways that might lower the tuition.

– Partner with denominational funding sources
– Apply for grants from local foundations
– Spread costs over multiple budget years
– Recruit more churches

Want a simpler option?

If participating in a full cohort doesn’t fit your schedule we also sell curriculum in our store that you can use to get your church neighboring right away.

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