Undergrad Immersion Summer Session 4: August 1-11


Undergrad Immersion Summer Session 4: August 1-11

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$100 Deposit is due at registration. Choose an emphasis and join us for our full immersion experience for undergrad students.

Students Cost is $300

Environmental: Caring for our earth is really about the simple things. See what it is like to intentionally reduce consumption in everyday life.

Spiritual Formation: Prayer life, community, worship, and more all shape our spiritual life with God. Get a road map for the journey at our immersion.

Vocational Discernment: Unclear about God's direction for your life? This emphasis will focus on practices to follow the Spirit's leading in your career path.

Community Organizing: Mobilizing a neighborhood is no small task. Learn how to build relationships that can unlock to potential of any community.

Intentional Community: Discover the process of creating an intentional community first hand and gain a strategy for when you return to your own context.

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