This week, Adam and Matt are joined by John McKnight to discuss the six (possibly even seven) attributes of a culture of contribution, how these characteristics in a community could foster peace, and then continues with the roles that we play within our neighborhood.

The six attributes discussed: Cooperation, Hospitality, Generosity, Kindness, Accepting Fallibility, Forgiveness, (and the seventh, Spirituality.) 

  • What would you do to make these manifest?

  • The people who love you, which of these attributes would they say YOU have?

  • And look at your neighbors. What attributes do you see them living into? We want to hear your stories.

  • How do we tell these stories in our neighborhoods?

The roles that people perform in a community: Healers, Conscience, Artists, Conveners, Bridgers, Connectors, Voices, Visionaries, Executors, Tuck Pointers.  We would welcome your thoughts on this list. 

  • Which of these do you feel like is a role that gives you joy?

  • Is there a role that you would add?

  • And think about your neighbors. Do you see them embodying a role listed here? If so, what does that look like?

  • Are there missing roles you would add to this list?

You can learn more about John McKnight HERE and a link for The Learnings of John McKnight can be found HERE.

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