Kristina Swanson (Part 1): Because This Is Our Home

A podcast episode from a student in Ireland, Kristina Swanson

The Neighboring Movement Podcast


Hello friends! This week, we are so honored to be joined on the virtual front porch by Kristina Swanson. Kristina is a student who lives in Dublin, Ireland, and just recently moved to a new home, where she has been doing – and has been witness to – some incredible neighboring! We brought her on to share about these experiences and were so inspired. Enjoy!

Kristina is the sister of Kristopher on our staff, and when she told him the amazing story you’re about to hear, he exclaimed, “Do you want to share that story on the podcast?!” She was so graciously willing to do so, and because of this, you all are in for a treat! Kristina’s neighboring experiences encapsulate so many of the things we teach about at The Neighboring Movement, and to see them so seamlessly woven into a series of abundantly joyful neighboring experiences is a true gift. We hope you are just as inspired as we are! Also, stay tuned; Kristina will be back on the virtual front porch next week with a surprise guest!

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