We are looking for a dynamic community builder who enjoys meeting people and building connections in their neighborhood to be a part of a community development team in District 3 of Wichita.

This individual must live in District 3 of Wichita. Scroll down for the Neighborhood Animator Job Application.

The Neighborhood Animator Project is about finding people who already believe in the importance of connecting with people in their community, and who have the natural ability to make connections. These folks are Neighborhood Animators. The Neighborhood Animator Project seeks to give these Neighborhood Animators tools to increase their effectiveness and bring out the best of their skills for their community. They are then equipped not only to connect with greater efficacy, but also to shape the culture of their community towards inclusion, generous sharing, and assets. Their work will ultimately have an impact for many years to come and could lead to continued learning and innovations that reduce social isolation improving individual and social health for generations to come.

By working with the assets of the community where they live, Neighborhood Animators will generate a resource map that will help guide future decisions for their neighborhood. 

This is a 52 week commitment beginning September 10, 2018, through September 9, 2019

Details: background check will be conducted, pay rate is $15/hour for 5 hours of work/week, the first 8 weeks consist of 4 hours of training/week + 1 hour of specific neighborhood activity/week

After the 8 weeks of training, 5 hours/week spent on:

  • mapping neighborhood assets,
  • interviewing neighbors,
  • monthly presentation to their neighborhood association,
  • monthly meeting with the other neighborhood animators,

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Create and Maintain an accurate timesheet
  • Maintain a list of neighborhood assets
  • Do a periodic interview with SoCe Life staff, to be used for a podcast telling the story of your neighborhood and experiences as a Neighborhood Animator
  • Organize a culminating event in August/September of 2019 to showcase the assets of the neighborhood. This event is to be hosted in collaboration with neighborhood organizations, such as a neighborhood association.

Neighborhood Animator Job Application

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