Neighboring Movement Update!

by Adam Barlow-Thompson

A Neighboring Movement Update!

As we head toward the end of the year we recently sent out a snail mail newsletter. We know we don’t have many of your home addresses, so we wanted to post it here as well. Enjoy!

Hello from The Neighboring Movement!

We’ve continued to be in a season of growth. You can read about our main focus areas on the other side of this letter. One thing is clear in every area of our work: neighboring is bigger than any of us on our own.

Again and again, we’ve had confirmation that this movement doesn’t belong to any specific group; it is popping up everywhere and belongs to everyone who desires community and is willing to meet their neighbors. It is an action that is simple, doable, and universal – and it has a world-changing impact.

Neighboring gives us the power to heal relationships one-by-one and block-by-block. When we do this together in a systematic way, we can heal the world!

this is YOUR movement!

Join the movement today! As we prepare for the end of the year, we’d love your help to extend our network. Here is how you can help…

Call To Action

  • Share a neighboring story with us that we can reshare as an example of good neighboring. Email it to
  • Follow us on social media, and share our content. We are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and now even TikTok.
  • Go to our online shop, and purchase refrigerator block map magnets for the people who live near you.
  • Listen to our podcast, “The Neighbor Next Door”, and offer a review on Spotify or iTunes.

Stay tuned for more information through the end of the year, as we invite you to join the movement!

The Neighboring Movement Team

Highlights from our Work

Did you know that we work in our neighborhood, across Kansas, and in churches all over the nation? Here is a quick description of our three main platforms for encouraging neighboring.

Kansas Animator Network

The Kansas Animator Network (KAN) is made up of learning groups that do training, encouragement, and networking. Each Animator has learning conversations with their community, which lead to local action. We have 27 Animators so far and will have close to 50 by the end of 2022.





Good Neighbor Experiment

Our faith-based training is the Good Neighbor Experiment. We have a national network of facilitators who offer training experiences for churches that want to become community connectors. Our new facilitator network will help us double our reach in 2022.





SoCe Neighborhood


Our founding neighborhood is called SoCe, short for SOuth CEntral. This summer, we had a high school listening team who helped us encourage neighbors to meet each other. This is part of a larger research project to determine the impact of neighboring. This team knocked on about 400 doors, multiple times each month!

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