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Hello friend! Happy Friday to you!

I hope this blog finds you well.

On this beautiful, sunny Friday in Wichita, Kansas, I’m thinking about neighbors who are amazing neighboring role models. I think it’s really powerful to notice the neighboring skills that our neighbors embody so well – to realize that our actual, literal neighbors can be our neighboring role models! And there is such a beautiful, local aspect to this, that neighboring tips and skills aren’t just theory but actually embodied practices that we can physically observe on our very own blocks.

I have a neighbor who embodies availability so fantastically. Every morning – and many evenings, too – she hangs out on her front porch. Literally every morning, I wake up to her sitting on her front porch swing, cup of coffee in hand, taking in the beautiful weather, hanging out with her cat, and watching the birds. It’s beautiful. Every morning, as I make my way outside to head to work, I get to have a conversation with this neighbor, just because she is outside, available, and willing! Even when she is not hanging out outside, when she’s home, her door is always open. It’s so welcoming and inviting to see her storm door over there, with no front door behind it, and when I see it, I know she’s doing her thing. It’s fascinating because I also feel like I will easily know if anything is awry, and I can go check on her.

This neighbor is my neighboring availability role model! I have so much to learn from her.

Who on your block is a neighboring role model for you? Who on your block embodies a particular neighboring skill so well? I – and we at The Neighboring Movement – would love to hear about your neighbors and the neighboring skills they embody! Tell us about them by commenting on this post on our social media or by emailing us at

Again, happy Friday to you, and happy neighboring!

xoxo, kristopher

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