SoCe Neighborhood Spotlight – Child Advocacy Center of Sedgwick County

A staff blog and SoCe neighborhood spotlight from Cara Mattson

The Child Advocacy Center (CAC) is located just east of our office on the corner of Lincoln and Emporia. Recently, we were able to meet with Jae and Marlene from the CAC to learn about their agency. The liveliness and central location are just two reasons why Jae and Marlene love being in the SoCe neighborhood. The Child Advocacy Center provides services free of charge to children and families who are experiencing traumatic events. They are child-focused but offer support to the whole family. They conduct investigations, provide advocacy, and offer mental health services. Their office houses social workers and detectives which allows for a collaborative approach. In addition to child and family services, the CAC offers education through trainings. A list of their trainings can be found on their website. The goal of the offered trainings is to increase awareness and understanding of child maltreatment. All the offered services are available in English and Spanish. Their Hispanic Services Specialist offers a radio segment every Thursday morning at 8 a.m. on KHLT-FM La Raza 99.7 providing tips and suggestions on various topics. Be sure to tune in! The CAC also has a Blessing Box which is filled with non-perishable goods, hygiene items, and masks. It is located on the east side of the building. Take a blessing when you need one and leave a blessing when you can!

The Child Advocacy Center of Sedgwick County is an asset to our community. Their organization houses many gifted people who are passionate about the wellbeing of children and families. If you would like to learn more about the services they offer or upcoming trainings and events please check out their website:

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