It is here that we discovered the joy of loving where you live.

The neighbors in SoCe are making great things happen and creating the future they want. Our goal is to celebrate these great things and connect more neighbors who want to create the future and live the SoCe Life.

What’s happening in the SoCe neighborhood?


What is SoCe Life?

Great things are happening in SoCe! Where? SoCe (pronounced So-See) is short for “South Central” and is located just south of downtown Wichita. The neighborhood stretches from Kellogg at the north to Pawnee at the south, and from the Arkansas River on the west to Washington on the east.

The Neighboring Movement is proud to call SoCe our founding neighborhood. It was here that our neighbors began to show us what it means to truly be a good neighbor. It was here that we learned that every person is gifted and when folks share their gifts the neighborhood becomes stronger. And so a movement was born from the strengths of the SoCe neighborhood, even as the neighborhood’s story is still being written.

Building on SoCe’s Strengths

Yes, the SoCe neighborhood has challenges (just like every community). But did you know that SoCe is also home to:

  • 2 community gardens, 
  • a monthly folk-music sing-a-long, 
  • an antique bike club, 
  • several beautiful parks 
  • several delicious restaurants, 
  • an incredible hardware store, 
  • a locally owned bakery, 
  • a super-friendly bicycle shop, 
  • the Kansas fire-fighters museum, 
  • And…and…and…the list could go on.

But MOST important of all is that we, the residents of SoCe, find ways to work together, deciding what we want our community to be like, and then work together to build our preferred future.

Oftentimes, when we work together wetogetherwe are more powerful than we realize.

Sharing Our Own Gifts To Shape SoCe’s Future

  • Do you have gifts you would like to share (no gift/skill/talent is too small). Contact us!
  • Do you know of something positive happening in SoCe that you want others to know about? Contact us!
  • Do you want to connect with other neighbors and start something good? Contact us!
  • Do you want to share your vision of what the preferred future looks like? Contact us!
  • Do you want to contact us? Well then, contact us

Front Door Garden Boxes

(project ended)

Have you seen the garden boxes all over the SoCe neighborhood and wondered what they were all about? While we’re no longer making the garden boxes, we encourage you to learn about and get inspired by the project.

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