Asset Based Community Development

The Neighboring Movement Podcast

21 Sep: Cara Mattson & Dylan Ewalt

This week on the podcast, Adam and Matt are joined by Cara Mattson and Dylan Ewalt. They have been knocking on literally HUNDREDS of doors in the South Central Wichita area over this past summer, encouraging people to get to know the neighbors in the 8 front doors closest to them, sharing ideas and what the Neighboring Movement is all about.  Listen in to hear a bit about their work and what happens next!
The Neighboring Movement Podcast

14 Sep: Relationship: Re-examined

"I heard a definition for the word society as "society is the sum of all relationships"... We are not powerless to society and the societal norms that we don't like about society right now. We have the influence to change it one relationship at a time- one neighbor at a time."- Adam Barlow-Thompson