What comes after the 8 Front Doors Challenge – SoCe? (Part 2)

A blog from The Neighboring Movement co-founder and neighborhood organizer Catherine Johnson

What comes after the 8 Front Doors Challenge – SoCe? Well, we were wondering that as well! In addition to celebrating good neighbors, we also wanted to find a way to stay connected to our neighbors.

Staying connected:

As weather cools down and COVID remains a concern, we decided to stay connected to our neighbors through a monthly newsletter highlighting the treasures in our neighborhood. We are calling it Good in the Hood: Stories of Good Stuff in SoCe. We  delivered the first issue last week. It is in English and Spanish and includes photographs contributed by a neighborhood photographer whom we met during the summer. One of the articles spotlights a neighbor whom we have gotten to know through our weekly visits. A second article features the convenience store across the street from our office.

A final key component of the newsletter is a “How can I help?” section which invites neighbors to share their skills and talents. In October we invited neighbors to assist with our annual neighborhood cleanup, organized by our neighborhood association.

Quarterly, we will include a 1-page resource guide which lists helpful agencies and neighborhood businesses within a 6-mile radius of our office.

The next step is to return to a handful of neighbors and ask for their feedback on the newsletter. What were their initial impressions when they received it? Are there other things they would like to see included? Are there ways they would like to be involved in creation or distribution of the newsletter?

So, we continue our neighboring experiments and we’ll see what we discover!

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