Podcast: Season 2 Finale! Featuring Ashley and Catherine!!

Friends! Season 2 is wrapping up and we pulled out all the stops! Just like the final episode of season 1, we invited the other co-founders of the Neighboring Movement, Ashley Barlow-Thompson and Catherine Johnson to join us on the front porch for their reflections on season 2. It was a riotous time with surprising compliments and plenty of burns! Grab a chair and join us for this conversation!

P.S. Stay tuned for season 3.

Welcome to Episode 16, the first international episode of The Neighbor Next Door!

Welcome to Episode 16, the first international episode of The Neighbor Next Door! For this episode, Jonathan Massimi, a supervisor of community centers in Kitchener, Ontario, joined hosts Adam and Matt on the front porch via Zoom.

Jonathan is an expert in Asset-Based Community Development, or ABCD, and has a ton of experience utilizing, and helping others utilize, an asset-based approach. In this episode, Jonathan explains how ABCD shapes his work supervising community centers, how real change occurs in communities through small connections that foster friendships, and how we must utilize what we have in the present in order to become architects of our own future.

We think this is a fascinating episode, and we are quite excited to share it with you all!

Make way for Episode 15!

It's party time! In this episode, Vistapher joins Matt on the front porch to bring us the "bread and butter" of neighboring tips: Host a block party!

This episode, like our other neighboring tip episodes, presents a simple experiment for connecting with your neighbors. We hope you not only enjoy listening to this tip but also experiment with hosting your own block party, wherever you live! We hope these ideas might be helpful for doing so.

We are pumped to present Episode 14!

This week, we present the second part of our interview with Rev. Mike Mather, the person who inspired us to utilize an asset-based approach in our work. We split the incredible conversation into two episodes and encourage listening to the first episode before this second one.

In the last episode, Mike outlined both his shift and his church's shift from scarcity to abundance. In this episode, Mike first presents practices that can help us stay focused on abundance before detailing how individuals, organizations, and institutions must structure themselves differently in order to be built around abundance. Next, Mike describes how he sees this movement of abundance-focused work taking shape around the country. To finish, Mike re-frames the idea of Christian discipleship and details what discipleship looks like for both him and his church.

Like Mike's first episode, this second one also contains discussion of religious topics. We want to reiterate that we do not present these episodes to promote any one religion or being religious but instead because we think they are helpful and encouraging for all neighbors, religious and non-religious alike.

We also want to take a moment to promote Mike's book, Having Nothing, Possessing Everything: Finding Abundant Communities in Unexpected Places. It is an amazing read, and we recommend it to everyone! You can find more information about the book here.

Episode 13 is now available!

Episode 13 is now available!

For Episode 13, hosts Adam and Matt interview the person who inspired us to utilize an asset-based approach in our work: Rev. Mike Mather. The conversation was amazing, so we split the interview into two episodes, and this is the first of those episodes….

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Let's delve into Episode 12!

Adam and Matt return to the front porch for the second segment of a two-part episode on challenges in neighboring. This week, they're discussing what seems to be one of the hardest subjects to talk about with neighbors: politics.

Do you have a neighbor with a very different political stance than you and who is very vocal about it? If so, how does this affect your conversations or interactions with the neighbor? In this episode, Adam and Matt discuss how we can foster healthy conversations with neighbors who are very outspoken about their political beliefs or whom we might disagree with politically. This is a hot topic in neighboring, and we are quite excited to have you join us on the front porch for this discussion!

In the episode, Adam references the book Conflict without Casualties by Nate Regier. If you would like to learn more about the book and Dr. Regier's work, visit https://next-element.com/conflict-without-casualties/.

This week, we present Episode 11!

Let's be real: neighboring is not always easy conversations and healthy relationships. This week, hosts Adam and Matt sit down on the front porch to present the first segment of a two-part episode on challenges in neighboring.

In practicing neighboring, we realize that certain challenges can arise - they most certainly have for us. In this episode, Adam and Matt first outline a posture with which to approach neighboring challenges before moving into a "Dear Abby" section, where they give specific examples of these challenges and outline how each of them could be addressed. Two topics that are covered are how to set boundaries with neighbors and how to approach awkward conversations with neighbors.

We hope this episode provides both a healthy posture and tangible techniques that can be employed when approaching various neighboring challenges.

Announcing...Episode 10!

Episode 10 has arrived with our second neighboring tip of Season 2: Plant a garden in your FRONT yard!

Per usual, Vistapher joined Matt on the front porch to present the tip and talk a little more about the practice - in this case, front-yard gardening. They first discuss the importance of both visibility and availability in neighboring before talking about how front-yard gardening looks in our neighborhood. These neighboring tip episodes are simple ways to foster conversations and connections with your neighbors, so we hope you enjoy listening to them, but we also hope you experiment with one or more of the tips, too!

Welcome to Episode 9!

Welcome to Episode 9! A few episodes ago, hosts Adam and Matt discussed the topic of social capital. In this episode, they return to the front porch to revisit the concept but this time through a different metaphor: social fabric.

We received a lot of fantastic feedback on the social capital episode, but recently, we have started using the term "social fabric", and we think the different metaphor may be a helpful way to understand the concept and think about it in different ways. In this episode, Adam and Matt define social fabric before detailing how this fabric is weaved and then how we can all weave it in order to co-create tight-knit neighborhoods. Happy weaving, and happy neighboring!

Episode 8 now available!

Things are getting personal in Episode 8, as hosts Adam and Matt are joined on the front porch by Matt's mom, Glenna Wong. Glenna is both the sweetest of moms and an incredible neighbor, so while in town for a visit, we invited her to join us on the front porch for an interview. Glenna started her neighboring adventures by simply taking her pug on a walk in her neighborhood, but the connections flourished from there. Years later, the culture of her community has been changed! The interview is heartwarming and encouraging, and we think her stories display perfectly the kind of joy and transformation that neighboring brings.

Episode 7 has landed!

This week, we are delving into the relationship between neighboring and community health, as we are honored to be joined on the front porch by Kate Kingery. Kate works with County Health Rankings & Roadmaps, and she does fascinating work! Her team of researchers studies almost every county in the United States and gives each of these counties a health ranking based on a multitude of different factors. In doing so, they utilize a very broad definition of health, and their data paints an amazing picture of how health is influenced by where we live, learn, work, and play. In this episode, we explore what sort of factors are present within healthy and unhealthy communities, how Kate's team measures these factors, and how neighboring plays a vital role in healthy communities. We hope you find this episode insightful, and if you would like to learn more about Kate's work, visit https://www.countyhealthrankings.org/. Enjoy!

Episode 6!

For episode 6, hosts Adam and Matt return to the front porch in order to unpack a concept that can seem confusing but is extremely important to understand in order to help create healthy communities: social capital. The term is prevalent in the community development world, but oftentimes, it's definition is hard to find. And even with an exact definition, social capital can sometimes be hard to understand in the context of a neighborhood. In this episode, Adam and Matt tell a story that exemplifies social capital before defining the term and even playing a game that displays how the concept looks in the context of a neighborhood. Let social capital be confusing no longer, and let's start building it within our neighborhoods!

Episode 4 Has Arrived!

Neighboring is transformational. For the fourth episode of Season 2, we were joined on the front porch by Joy Lenz, an absolutely amazing neighbor who has been radically transformed by practicing neighboring. Joy is a Christian, and when her church began to practice neighboring, as well, they experienced complete transformation and began to see themselves as connectors instead of service providers. Joy loves to write, so in this episode, she shares these inspiring stories of transformation by talking with us but also by reading a couple different blogs she has written about her neighboring adventures. Christian or not, we think this episode is a beautiful example of the transformation that individuals and churches can experience when neighboring. If you would like to read more of Joy's blogs, you can find them here: http://writejoywrite.blogspot.com/

Buckle Up - Episode 3!

This week, we were honored to sit down with Dr. Elaine Heath, a practical theologian, teacher, author, spiritual pioneer, colleague, and friend. In this episode, Elaine helps us answer the question, "How can neighboring and spirituality combine in an inclusive and non-coercive way that is healthy for all of our neighbors, regardless of their backgrounds or stories?"

Elaine names the fact that many have been hurt by Christianity and unpacks a lot of this baggage before naming what is emerging in Christianity and re-framing the once-painful idea of evangelism. Buckle up - we think this episode is beautiful, powerful, and healing for non-Christians and Christians alike.

Also, if you are intrigued by Elaine's thoughts, we encourage you to check out one of her many powerful books. You can find them here: https://www.amazon.com/Elaine-A.-Heath/e/B001JSD5Z4

Episode 2 Time!

For the second episode of Season 2, we sat down with Dr. Justin Moore, a physician and researcher, and discussed this fact: neighboring makes us healthier. Justin practices medicine in various community-oriented ways, and he also researches the impacts of social isolation and loneliness on physical health. In this powerful episode, Justin shares surprising statistics before giving enlightening advice on how we can all start neighboring for health!

Season 2 of The Neighbor Next Door is here!

Season 2 of The Neighbor Next Door is here!

Our hosts, Adam Barlow-Thompson and Matthew Johnson, are back on the front porch to introduce Season 2 and give a sneak peek of the episodes to come. In this episode, Adam and Matt summarize Season 1 of The Neighbor Next Door before revealing the theme for Season 2 and previewing the episodes to come.

This episode is perfect for both first-time listeners and seasoned listeners, so grab a chair and something cold to drink, and join us on the front porch for Season 2 of The Neighbor Next Door!