Episode 6!

For episode 6, hosts Adam and Matt return to the front porch in order to unpack a concept that can seem confusing but is extremely important to understand in order to help create healthy communities: social capital. The term is prevalent in the community development world, but oftentimes, it's definition is hard to find. And even with an exact definition, social capital can sometimes be hard to understand in the context of a neighborhood. In this episode, Adam and Matt tell a story that exemplifies social capital before defining the term and even playing a game that displays how the concept looks in the context of a neighborhood. Let social capital be confusing no longer, and let's start building it within our neighborhoods!

Episode 4 Has Arrived!

Neighboring is transformational. For the fourth episode of Season 2, we were joined on the front porch by Joy Lenz, an absolutely amazing neighbor who has been radically transformed by practicing neighboring. Joy is a Christian, and when her church began to practice neighboring, as well, they experienced complete transformation and began to see themselves as connectors instead of service providers. Joy loves to write, so in this episode, she shares these inspiring stories of transformation by talking with us but also by reading a couple different blogs she has written about her neighboring adventures. Christian or not, we think this episode is a beautiful example of the transformation that individuals and churches can experience when neighboring. If you would like to read more of Joy's blogs, you can find them here: http://writejoywrite.blogspot.com/

Buckle Up - Episode 3!

This week, we were honored to sit down with Dr. Elaine Heath, a practical theologian, teacher, author, spiritual pioneer, colleague, and friend. In this episode, Elaine helps us answer the question, "How can neighboring and spirituality combine in an inclusive and non-coercive way that is healthy for all of our neighbors, regardless of their backgrounds or stories?"

Elaine names the fact that many have been hurt by Christianity and unpacks a lot of this baggage before naming what is emerging in Christianity and re-framing the once-painful idea of evangelism. Buckle up - we think this episode is beautiful, powerful, and healing for non-Christians and Christians alike.

Also, if you are intrigued by Elaine's thoughts, we encourage you to check out one of her many powerful books. You can find them here: https://www.amazon.com/Elaine-A.-Heath/e/B001JSD5Z4

Episode 2 Time!

For the second episode of Season 2, we sat down with Dr. Justin Moore, a physician and researcher, and discussed this fact: neighboring makes us healthier. Justin practices medicine in various community-oriented ways, and he also researches the impacts of social isolation and loneliness on physical health. In this powerful episode, Justin shares surprising statistics before giving enlightening advice on how we can all start neighboring for health!

Season 2 of The Neighbor Next Door is here!

Season 2 of The Neighbor Next Door is here!

Our hosts, Adam Barlow-Thompson and Matthew Johnson, are back on the front porch to introduce Season 2 and give a sneak peek of the episodes to come. In this episode, Adam and Matt summarize Season 1 of The Neighbor Next Door before revealing the theme for Season 2 and previewing the episodes to come.

This episode is perfect for both first-time listeners and seasoned listeners, so grab a chair and something cold to drink, and join us on the front porch for Season 2 of The Neighbor Next Door!

Podcast: Season 1 Finale! Featuring Ashley and Catherine!!

Friends! Season 1 is wrapping up and we pulled out all the stops! We invited the other co-founders of the Neighboring Movement, Ashley Barlow-Thompson and Catherine Johnson to join us on the front porch for their reflections on season 1. It was a riotous time with surprising compliments and plenty of burns! Grab a chair and join us for this conversation!

P.S. Stay tuned for season 2.


Podcast: Neighboring Tip - Reflection

Kristopher Swanson returns with our final neighboring tip of season 1. This time, we are reflecting on our experiences of neighboring. Plus, we discuss the exciting news that Kristopher is no longer Intern #5, but instead is now VISTA #1! Grab a chair and join us on the front porch for another fun conversation!

Podcast: Teresa Cook on Generations of Neighboring

What does neighboring look like when it happens over multiple generations? Teresa shows us that it can be beautiful and joyful! Teresa lives in the home where her grandmother once lived, and that history serves as her roots, nurturing her genuine care for her neighbors. Grab a chair and meet us on the front porch, as we learn from one of our gifted Neighborhood Animators.

Podcast: Ryan Klinck on Being the New Neighbor

You’ll recognize Ryan’s name from his posts on our blog and his work in our neighborhood. His conversation on the front porch revealed how he has been on a search to cultivate meaningful relationships with neighbors and friends in many different contexts over the years. He sat down with Adam and Matthew to discuss what he has learned from neighbors (and the rug that ties the room together).

Joy! A new episode of our Podcast

We like to compare good neighboring to soup. For it to taste great, you need the right ingredients. For us, there are 3 ingredients to good neighboring: abundance, relationship, and joy. With this episode, Adam and I discuss the topic of joy. And we also had a lot of fun. En-joy!

The Journey of a Neighbor - Podcast Interview with Rachel Duncan

I am so excited to share episode #9 with you. It is an interview with our neighborhood animator, Rachel Duncan. She’s a great neighbor, but she’s also had some negative neighboring experiences, which means she has a lot to teach us about the journey of being a good neighbor. Check it out!

Episode 8: The Power of Relationships

For the 8th episode of our podcast, The Neighbor Next Door, Adam and I discussed the importance of relationship building. When it comes to neighboring, there can be lots of motivations…some positive, some negative. If we focus on building relationships it helps us move in a positive direction. AND it reveals abundance and joy!

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Finding Abundance (Episode 6 of the podcast)

Our newest episode is hot off the presses, and I’m excited to share it. Adam and I spent a few minutes talking about one of the key ingredients of neighboring: abundance. How do we find abundance, when scarcity is such a dominant message? Listen to find out.

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