Neighboring Movement Nurturing Authentic, Thriving Communities

The Secret to a
Vibrant Community?
Is you!

The Neighboring Movement is a grassroots movement of people that believe a better world is possible and want to be part of the solution.

We know from experience that the best way to create vibrant, thriving communities is by first creating neighborly relationships, connecting people–just like you–with others whose skills, passions and causes can change the world for good.

Being a Great Neighbor is Easier Than You Think
…and it’s also incredibly rewarding.

No action is too small; all it takes is “Hello!” to begin to change the world. When you join the Neighboring Movement, you can help to transform your community for generations to come and create a place where people are proud to live and do business.

The best way to learn how to get to know your neighbors and start your own neighboring movement in your community is by taking:



Through interviews, tips, research, and humor, discover how communities are being transformed by great neighbors on our Neighboring Movement Podcast.

“We appreciate the many ways that the Neighboring Movement brings people together and their practical ideas for building relationships. Thanks for the ways you are helping make Wichita safer, more connected….and an even better place by your efforts and example.” 


With your help and involvement, we are cultivating community and changing the world through neighboring.



Inspires connections and cultivates trust.


Being a good neighbor is
not complicated.


Everyone has gifts that can
make their community stronger.


Requires people to take action,
and anyone can do it.


Practice of authentic living and celebration in community.


Universally meaningful / resonates in all contexts.

Neighboring Movement Blog

A journey to abundance, one day at a time.

20 Jul19:17
20 Jul19:17

Kansas Health Foundation Awards $50,000

The Kansas Health Foundation has awarded The Neighboring Movement a $50,000 grant to continue the work of the Kansas Animator Network which trains Kansans in Asset Based Community Development and supports them in local projects across the state.

20 Jul08:30
20 Jul08:30
The Neighboring Movement Podcast

NaQuela Pack: Community Engagement

This week on the podcast, Matt and Adam are joined by NaQuela Pack, Director of Engagement for Wichita State University and now one of the newest members of the Neighboring Movement's Board of Directors. NaQuela found the Neighboring Movement through this podcast, contacted us, and we put her to work! We are excited to have her curiosity and enthusiasm!
18 Jul12:00
18 Jul12:00
52 Weeks of Neighboring

52 Weeks of Neighboring – Week 23

Neighboring Tip of the Week – Work on an outside project, like washing your car, and allow time to have a conversation with a neighbor or someone walking by.
Like barbecuing, working on an outside project in your front yard or street is a great way to make yourself accessible to your neighbors….

13 Jul08:30
13 Jul08:30
The Neighboring Movement Podcast

Alicia Snyder: Young Influencers

This week on the podcast, Matt and Adam are joined by writer, Alicia Snyder, who talks about a project that she did with the young people in her neighborhood that met their interests and discovered gifts so that everyone could learn from each other.
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